Sep | 2023

Industrial Automation services refers to the use of advanced technologies and systems to control and operate industrial processes and machinery with minimal human intervention.

Jul | 2023

Product serialization plays a vital role in supply chain management by enabling product traceability, authentication, and enhanced control.

Jun | 2023

As a partner of Systech Global and Cognex, Ultimate Solutions combines expertise in automation integration and corporate regulation to offer end-to-end serialization solutions at all levels.

Mar | 2023

As the Pharmaceutical Industry prepares itself for serialization products, the industry faced many challenges. With Ultimate Solutions’ knowledge and over 15 years of experience in serialization and validation systems, we managed to resolve all of their issues and finished their serialization implementation well before the deadline.

Mar | 2023

When a serialization solution is to be implemented in the Pharmaceutical Industry, there are several activities a Field Engineer can carry out according to the stage the project is at. A start-up is the initial implementation of a project, the point at which the design takes shape on a line and the station design is installed, configured, and verified.

Dec | 2022

The transfer of products in the Pharmaceutical and/or Medical Device Industry is a process that involves moving a product, and all associated factors, from one plant to another. Industries generally carry out this type of project seeking to minimize labor costs, expand the variety of products they offer, and gain market positions.

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