Aug | 2022

Collaborative robots (COBOTS) arise from a real and immediate need to seek technology solutions in almost all industries worldwide. Ultimate Solutions in its role as an integrator understands the need of customers in search of new solutions in their processes that help them improve competitively.

Jul | 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the labor market in recent years. The confinement and the emergency triggered many workers to rethink their priorities, the balance between life and work, and, on other occasions, give more importance to emotional health.

Apr | 2022

COVID-19 has been the most severe pandemic globally during this century. As of the date (April 19, 2022) 505 million people have been infected with COVID-19 and almost 6.2 million have died worldwide from the disease. Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Puerto Rico was not affected in the same way as in other parts of the world. The government allowed companies to continue to work despite the strict curfew that they implemented on the Island.

Apr | 2022

We offer the VIS+ Model, an innovative turnkey solution where the customer works with Ultimate Solutions as their only Serialization Integration provider including the Validation, Integration, and Serialization services.

Dec | 2020

Estas son 5 de las principales razones por las que creo que las Especificaciones de requisitos del usuario son el documento más importante en el ciclo de vida de la validación.

Sep | 2020

Most people don’t know that working as a Professional Services provider is a working option. You don’t always have to work as temporary or regular employee. In the Professional Services Provider working condition you are your own boss...

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