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Brand protection services: Authentication

At Ultimate Solutions, we provide brand protection services through the integration of Systech’s UniSecure. As a certified Product Implementation Specialist and Systech Value Added Reseller (VAR), our expertise enables us to strengthen your brand with a revolutionary anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solution. UniSecure works seamlessly with your existing barcodes and packaging to provide unparalleled security and protect your brand integrity.

With Ultimate Solutions’ Brand Protection Service, you can stay ahead of the counterfeiting threat and increase consumer confidence in the authenticity of your products throughout the supply chain.

Ultimate Solutions offers this brand protection service

Product Authentication Is Required to Fight Counterfeiting and Diversion

brand protection service Trace products

Trace your products through the supply chain with Ultimate Solutions brand protection service.

Connectivity Mobile App

Because the solution uses a simple smart phone app, UniSecure facilitates verification anytime, anywhere. Through the mobile app, you can restrict access to a tightly controlled set of supply-chain partners and corporate inspectors. Or, you can even give and customers the power to verify product authenticity themselves.

Operational Visibility

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Systech Insight gives you a full range of actionable knowledge in real time so you can maximize operational excellence all the way through the supply chain. End-to-end visibility to identify key metrics that help you build, measure and improve performance from manufacturing to the marketplace.
Brand protection services Operational Visibility

Serialization & Authentication Machine

UPak Global is the Brand Protection Division of Ultimate Solutions in this video we present the UTrack FC G2 with Systech UniSecure & UniSight software combined in a print & inspect the machine.


Today we have systems containing records, but these records are not necessarily aware of the other events which involve the same products. With blockchain, we can build and secure an immutable provenance as your product moves through the supply chain. If your supply chain demands comprehensive visibility and trust, consider this: connecting the physical product itself with a trusted digital identity, ensuring authenticity when an event is recorded, and managing all the transactions by a blockchain network is the closed loop required for complete absolute trust.

Combining that digital link to blockchain value add features such as a decentralization, cryptography, and smart contracts help build a secure, interoperable system capable of proving real brand protection value and safety to our patients.

Blockchain in Ultimate Solutions

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