Ultimate Solutions is part of a campaign in theaters in Puerto Rico

Ultimate Solutions will be part of an advertisement that will be screened in all Caribbean Cinemas movie theaters in Puerto Rico, as part of the participation in the “Detrás del Sello” series of Made in Puerto Rico Association.

The purpose of the commercial, which will also be broadcast on WAPA TV and GFR Media, is for people to learn about the growth and success stories of 20 local entrepreneurs. This is part of Puerto Rico Industry Month.


This series of videos was made last year by an alliance between the Made in Puerto Rico Association and the Department of Economic Development. Yoel Rivera, president of Ultimate Solutions, was able to tell his story in this production, what moves him, and how he fulfills his dreams with the work he does every day for his country.

“This type of alliance between private companies and the Government allows us to boost our economy,” said Jorge Ramírez, president of the Made in Puerto Rico Association, during a press conference at Caribbean Cinemas in Plaza Las Américas, in San Juan. “Today we see how the Association is innovating, showing these success stories in 17 theaters, four times a day, seven days a week, for six weeks.”

“Detrás del Sello has a magic. We want businessmen to be the new ambassadors and stars of Puerto Rico. This is achieved by telling stories that add value. Behind each one of them there is a great struggle, an inspiration… that all of Puerto Rico sees who you are”, said Lucienne Gigante, founder of Lucenti Strategy in charge of producing the videos.

According to Mayra Ramírez, Marketing Director of Caribbean Cinemas, “the exposure of these entrepreneurs on the giant screen gives them an additional opportunity to make themselves known.”


Also, Víctor Merced, Director of Business Development of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, supported the initiative. “We want this series to reach more people. These 20 companies represent hundreds of Puerto Rican companies that get up every day to give their best,” said Merced.

Some of the protagonists of the series were present at the campaign presentation activity, as well as members of the “Hecho en Puerto Rico” Association.


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