Ultimate Solutions manufactures its first certified control panel


Ultimate Solutions manufactured its first control panel conform with the rigorous standards of UL508A with the latest technology in control system. The project was constructed at the facilities in Puerto Rico and was carried out for a global pharmaceutical company in the United States.

These panels are used to monitor material residual on manufacturing lines, with this process they prevent products from other batches from mixing with each other, thus forming a quality problem. These new systems use artificial intelligence to monitor the line after the batch is finished, generating a cleaning report for future reference. If any material residual is left on the line, the system generates an alarm and notifies quality personnel. Ultimate design and assembly of two electrical panels that were easy to install and met the requirements of UL508A.

Why this project is different from the ones we had done?

The project, in addition to being done in record time, is characterized by the type of electrical design and the components. It mixes what is OT/IT, since the panel has around 100 Ethernet ports with an industrial computer and a logic controller. The panel also contains the latest technology at the component level which makes it environmentally friendly for energy consumption. However, it also has a UPS, which allows the system to be in battery use for around 50 minutes in case of an emergency. It is also worth mentioning that the panel is in conform with the UL508A standard.

Importance of this certification UL508A

This certification helps create trust with our clients. This certification is about quality product for the safety of the end user. When we think of UL508A, we only think of electrical design but also covers other processes such as:

  • Certificate of Components compliance.
  • Manufacturing Certification.
  • Process of receiving materials and testing.
  • Resources training process.
  • Assembly Line Process.
  • Quality process.
  • Testing process of electrical panels.
  • Security transparency with the end client.
  • Process of recall of injuries.
  • Record of documentation.

Ultimate Solutions is audited 4 times a year to maintain the certification. This audit is made by Interket.

Challenges and Solutions

To meet this project delivery time, we had to design the electrical panels in record time, mixing the two worlds of OT/IT, but selecting the components and suppliers that were in accordance with the requirements of UL508A and ISO9001. To manage the 100 ethernet patch cord, the design contemplated some “Patch Panels”. To be able to support the “patch panel” and the “industrial computer” and SS304, mechanical bases were designed considering the cable management. Also, the heat management was considered, to maintain equipment and ventilation as per manufacturer specs and maintain the enclosure rating.

Another challenge was to monitor the low-voltage device without opening the enclosure, a window was also provided in the electrical panel to be able to monitor the equipment without having to open the equipment door. However, after all these challenges and documentation required by the UL508A standard, we cannot leave behind the logistics of packaging and shipping, we made a custom packaging to fly directly to the client facilities and meet the project installation phase date.

The last challenge was to be able to execute an FAT in two days but thanks to our Facilities for Integration and Testing Services (FITS), which include around 3,000 ft2 for testing, amongst other services such as conference rooms, electrical, and pneumatic utilities provided all the necessary space and tools for developing and testing in-house.

In conclusion, it was a project in which a lot was learned, and Ultimate Solutions once again demonstrated commitment to its clients in critical projects.

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