Manufacture of U-Track Machines for Serialization Integration


Thanks to the result of a previous work, one of our clients from the Pharmaceutical Industry contacted the Ultimate Solutions Sales Department with the need to implement a serialization project for another line of products at its facilities in Puerto Rico.

Our Client: A leading global provider of animal health products for pets and livestock


  • Project Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Field Engineering
  • Automation Engineering


  • Two U-Track FCG2
  • One U-Track C
  • Carton Rotators
  • New Conveyors
  • Scanners Integration
  • Systech Documentation
  • Training at manufacturing site
  • Facilities for integration and testing

The Challenges

Implementation time, space and product flow were the challenges of the project. The most critical was the implementation time set by the customer. We had only two weeks to integrate five new machines and five conveyors into the existing lines. The process also included the removal of existing electrical wiring and conveyors.

Another challenge was that the line worked with NON-serialized products, so the machines would have to be designed with this requirement in mind.

Our Solutions

Our team of experts in Serialization, Automation and Product Management evaluated the situation with the risk factors of the project and found an effective way to implement it with the least possible impact. A schedule was created with all the necessary activities to have all the equipment ready to install on the date required by the client.
Several machines were manufactured that fulfill a critical function for both the Serialization Process and the Product Flow. Three U-Track were made.

A removable system was developed in the carton rotators and U-Track configuration that allows these equipment’s to be used as conveyors when running NON-serialized products.

It is important to mention that another consideration in the design was that the client in the future plans to run the line at 200ppm, as opposed to the current 120ppm. Our machines were delivered with the ability to run the line at 200ppm and the customer had the opportunity to test this speed.


Software Technologies:

  • Design Technology – Proposal Works and AutoCAD
  • Programming Technology – Rockwell Automation Studio 5000
  • Systech Programming

Hardware Technologies:

  • Systech Camera
  • AB Scanners
  • Wolke M610 OEM
  • U-Track A
  • U-Track B
  • U-Track C

Successful Results For The Client

The client obtained a value in capacity and in compliance with the relevant requirements of the regulations that govern its product. The ability to run your lines with Non-Serialized products was not affected. In addition, he was satisfied with our work and implementation. We have also participated in technology events, which allows us to continue showing new solutions to the client. Currently, we maintain a relationship open to new opportunities.

Enormous! Being in Puerto Rico and near our facilities was great. Our engineers and operators were able to obtain a hands-on experience while performing the Pre-FAT and FAT activities. The Team was always accessible with open communication, in disposition, and responding our needs with solutions. They are trusted and reliable.


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