U-Value Now Program: an alternative of Ultimate Solutions for the decline of technical resources

How have Ultimate Solutions mitigated the decline in resources with technical expertise in the Life Science Industry?


In the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry there is an increase in the demand for specialized resources with experience for Automation and Serialization projects. Human Resources departments and recruiting areas have felt the impact of supply versus demand. The decrease in resources with the knowledge required by the client to occupy positions in technical areas is notable. To mitigate this, Ultimate Solutions has developed its Academy with programs that meet the current need of our clients

U-Value Now Program


The potential candidates currently available to mitigate this decline on technical resources in the industry are mostly those coming out of universities.

However, these new resources lack the experience of two years or more required by pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

On the other hand, the gap between the university curriculum and the reality of the industry is becoming ever wider. Technology is advancing faster than revisions to these curriculums and those clients who can provide opportunities for recent graduates are impacted by the time factor to train them while the operations of the projects continue.

This case study presents our U-Value Now Program, an Ultimate Solutions initiative that offers an alternative to this problem of declining trained resources with experience in the technical areas of greatest demand. The program brings benefits to the resources, to our clients, and to our company.


Our Client: Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Device in Puerto Rico and the United States.

The Challenges

One of the main pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico sought to strengthen its Maintenance area of the Engineering Department and the Process Development Department. Its Automation experts were fewer and fewer, and the volume of work was increasing. They needed more technicians with knowledge for the maintenance of machinery and the development of new technologies. However, obtaining this type of resource represented a great challenge.

After studying the challenges and our potential as an organization, we were sure that we had the expertise, tools, and resources to offer our industry a solution.

We decided to create an accelerated professional growth program for the development of young graduates with a technical background, teamwork skills, a sense of proactive service, and a desire to grow. We call this program U-Value Now.

Our Solutions

U-Value Now Program

At Ultimate Solutions we have experts with more than 30 years of combined experience in Automation, Serialization and Regulatory Compliance technologies. We have been operating since 2014 a Technical Academy for the development of our resources in a short time. Given the decrease that our industry is facing in experienced technical resources and in the desire to continue serving our clients, we have bet on the potential of young university students with preparation in technical and engineering programs.

After analyzing the needs of our clients and evaluating the programs of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, Bayamon and Aguadilla Campus and the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, we were able to specifically identify the areas of technical-practical knowledge lacking in our recent graduates. We designed the U-Value Now Program where our experts offer accelerated training to graduates in our own facilities.

In this way, we introduce the industry and give our customers a technical staff with knowledge already equivalent to that of a resource of two years of experience. The client can choose resources with mixed preparation in technical and regulatory compliance with a basic or specialized level of knowledge according to their need in Validations, Automation or Serialization.


  • Zorimar González Cotto
  • Business Development Department Team
  • Kilani Díaz (HR)
  • Technology Department- Instructors Team
  • Validations Department- Instructors Team
  • Technical Workforce Consulting Team
  • USC Account Managers


  •  U-Value Program Coordinator
  • Selection of Recent Graduates and Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Industrial Automation and Serialization Training Program
  • Regulatory Compliance Training Program
  • Resource Management, Monitoring and Support
  • Monitoring & Support on site


  • Serve as a knowledge bridge between the university curriculum and the changing needs of the industry we serve.
  • Offer recent graduates their first formal work experience in the industry and an opportunity for accelerated growth.
  • Train these resources in Technology and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Offer our clients a cost-effective resource that can perform specific tasks in the areas of Automation, Serialization and Regulatory Compliance to meet their immediate need.
  • Ensure ongoing education, monitoring, and support for our U-Value Now program participants during the first two to three years of their career path at Ultimate Solutions.

Description of the U-Value Now Program

The U-Value NOW Program is an eight-week educational project that develops potential resources to launch into the world of work with specific preparation in Automation, Serialization and Regulatory Compliance, this with practical opportunity in our machines and equipment.

After a process of recruitment, screening and interviews, the selected graduates become employees of Ultimate Solutions and from their ‘onboarding’, they are integrated into the U-Value Now, Standard or Specialized program, depending on the need of the project, of the client or our operation.

During the first four weeks of theoretical-practical training offered by experts in our service areas, these resources make use of laboratory stations to test their abilities in each skill and carry out special in-house assignments monitored by our most experienced professionals.

Then, the resource is sent to a pharmaceutical plant with one of our clients to support it and continue its development immersed in a real project for four additional weeks, at no cost to the client. At the end of this period, the client has the option to dispense with the support of this U-Value or to request its services as a trained contractor in combined skills with the value of a two-year resource, at the cost of a resource less than two years old from experience.

Our clients who subcontract U-Values can also request specialization courses from our academy in areas of need for their projects, without having to invest their time in training. In this way, we prepare suitable and trained professionals for the industry to meet our clients and their needs; resources with hybrid knowledge in Technology and Regulatory Compliance.


  • More than 50 inexperienced resources trained since 2016.
  • More than 20 U-Value Now participants were recruited and trained between 2021 and 2022.
  • 100% of U-Value Now participants successfully completed the program.
  • 85% of U-Value Now participants continue to offer services to our clients from positions such as:
    • Field Engineers
    • Vision & Serialization
    • Validation Specialists
    • Packaging Validation Specialists
    • Automation Engineers & Sr
    • Automation Engineers
    • Guardian SMEs
    • PMs
    • Packaging System Owners
    • Trainers (RC, Industrial Automation & Serialization)
  • More than 11 clients in more than nine sites have benefited from our program.
  • 98% of Client Satisfaction



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