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Challenges when serializing products

As the Pharmaceutical Industry prepares itself for serialization products, the industry faced many challenges. Below are a few:

  1. Regulatory Compliance
  2. Serial Number validation and its implementation across the supply chain
  3. Serialization Integration with existing or new hardware’s
  4. Aggregating the products at all packaging levels
  5. Training the operators
  6. Re-validation of upgraded serialized lines

Serialization is assigning a unique number to medicines or products to be able to track them from the moment they leave the pharmaceutical industry until they arrive at the dispensaries.

A customer consulted us about the issues they are facing while implementing Serialization system. Some of them were improper aggregation happening at case and pallet packaging levels, data mismatch at site levels and in production reports, technical know-how issues with the line staff about serialization.

With Ultimate Solutions’ knowledge and over 15 years of experience in serialization and validation systems, we managed to resolve all of their issues and finished their serialization implementation well before the deadline.

To resolve these issues, we checked and corrected the critical PLC signals which are important for successful aggregation of cases and pallets. 

The important part here was to study the situations where manual intervention was done in machines and proper clear signals were sent to serialization systems. We supported customer to configure their products at line and site level systems.

We made sure their data match at all packaging levels, giving us correct report. We had our support team on site to help customer to revalidate all of their serialized lines and run production without any system errors or downtime. The results were amazing with increased site productivity.


Sarwar Khan

Field Engineer at Ultimate Solutions Spain


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