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Ultimate Solutions summarizes the success of the Master Service Agreement (MSA) at Ethicon one year after implementation. March 2021 to March 2022
Our client had many different suppliers and many purchase orders to cover all the engineering contractor needs. Imagine having 30 contractors with 30 SOWs, 30 purchase orders and seven different suppliers covering all these needs. Ultimate Solutions has provided a single supplier solution to cover all these needs under one purchase order and one solution. This single supplier solution has simplified the acquisition of engineering contractor talent reducing the complexity of long bureaucratic on boarding processes.


  • Bidding Process in order to be selected as the preferred vendor for our client Ethicon.
  • Comply with the billing rates and budget.
  • The client needed a tool to report the applicable KPIs to monitor the progress of the resources and planning of their business needs.


Ultimate Solutions developed a website to report and monitor all the KPIS that the client requested. In addition, one purchase order covers all the contractor needs and the on boarding process is performed in an expedite manner to have the resource on site with all the required background checks and applicable documentation. On boarding timeline was reduced from 3-6 months to an average of 2 weeks.

Used Hours, Target Hours and Hours Under/Over by Month (Year 2021)


Time to fill
43 days

Training Adherence
YTD 96.7%


The client has successfully achieved a CIP Cost Improvement Project with the implementation of Ultimate Solutions as a single preferred vendor for all their engineering contractor needs by having a single flat rate that is lower than the previous rates for the engineering contractors. Having one purchase order instead of 30 purchase orders and SOWs has considerably reduced the on boarding process of new and current resource renovation of contracts.


All Documents Approved Under/Over 10 days (Year 2021)


Capacity Analysus (Year 2021)

Key Activities:

  • Deployment of preferred vendor initiative.
  • On boarding or merging of other suppliers to Ultimate Solutions.
  • Implementation of cross charge financial tool for the use of one Purchase Order instead of multiple purchase orders.
  • Gathering of KPIs data to present results in Power Bi.
  • Creation and deployment of Power Bi KPI graphic results in company website.
  • Sustain KPIs website.

Key Impact:

  • Achieve Cost Improvement Project for Customer.
  • Centralize all engineering needs in one supplier.
  • Provide visibility to client on financial cross charge
    transaction of resource allocation to applicable
  • Project Capitals.
  • Supervise and provide track and trending of
    resources KPIs.

Key Next Steps:

  • Perform Team Building Activity with all contractor resources under this preferred vendor initiative.
  • Coordinate ice-breaker forum with the clients.
  • Send feedback survey to the clients.
  • Optimization of the USC Global Stats Website.

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