20/20 Hindsight More than Just High Speed Video

20/20 Hindsight is a patented high-speed camera and line-monitoring system that lets operators and engineers instantly replay jams or other process upsets in slow motion.  20/20 Hindsight will help you Improve process efficiency, worker training on machine operation, production, quickly identify and eliminate the cause of line jams.  The system can easily be moved around the plant floor and is used on any line.  Its ultra-intuitive software enables users to become proficient in minutes.

Areas of Use:

  • False reject analysis
  • Aseptic core areas
  • Timing on tablet lines
  • Analysis of dosing failures
  • Labeling – correct contact
  • Capping
  • OEM Vendor FAT’s
  • Carton Placement
  • Bottle unscrambling
  • Product Foaming
  • Literature Feed Jams


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