business opportunities in puerto rico
business opportunities in puerto rico

Innovation the focus of PRMSDC event

Business opportunities in Puerto Rico and the United States

That is why a group of local and international entrepreneurs joined last Friday, February 24, 2017 to participate in the “Business Opportunity Exchange 2017 One Goal Billion Together“, organized by the Puerto Rico Minority Supplier Development Council. It was held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

At the event, the participants presented the products and services of their respective companies, as well as had the opportunity to establish relationships with potential clients.

“We have to sit down with each corporate to talk a little bit of what new things bring for 2017. We need innovation, with innovation we are going to lower costs. All corporate are aligned in that message. Innovation, changes, improvements and cost reduction. We want all our suppliers to export to the 23 other councils, which are the best suppliers in the American nation. . We can not think of anything else in Puerto Rico. We have to think big”, José Ríos, president of the Puerto Rico board.

Yoel Rivera, president of Ultimate Solutions Corp., had participated in the panel “Matching with the Sharks“. There, in front of a group of managers of the Life Sciences Industry, a specific situation was solved to meet the next requirements of Serialization.

“The activity has been the most dynamic in recent years. There was a lot of movement from very early on and that is good in these times of economic crisis. The “Matching with the Sharks” activity was an excellent and innovative idea because it offered the opportunity to bring together suppliers and heads of companies in an easier way. Having everyone in a room and presenting an idea is a lot of benefit for us that we are selling and for those who are looking for some service”, commented Rosamarie Feliu, Ultimate Solutions Executive VP.


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