Serialization Modules

We provide print and inspect Serialization and Aggregation Machines modules to comply with DSCSA and FMD (Falsified Medicine Directive) Regulations.

This business unit is focused on High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) module stations. Most of these units are designed for manual packaging operations in a way that makes the process of serialization and aggregation of small batches more flexible.

Ultimate Solutions is a partner of the most prominent OEM’s in the pharmaceutical industry to meet the needs of customers who need faster and more automated equipment.

About UPak Global

UPak Global is the serialization machine manufacturing division of Ultimate Solutions Corp. & AutoPak Engineering. As part of the Systech UniSolve program we provide print and inspect serialization and Aggregation Machines to comply with DSCSA and FMD (Falsified Medicine Directive) Regulations.



Seralizations Modules

Off-the-shelf equipment designed for Item level serialization: bottles, unfolded cartons and folded cartons.

Aggregation Modules

Off-the-shelf in-feed or pack by layer modules designed for aggregation of item level or bundles to cases.

Specialty Modules

Reads the 2D code on a round un-oriented bottle and associates it to a 2D code on the cap/bottom of a bottle.

High Mix Low Volume

These modules are made up of manual or semi-automatic packaging workstations, which can also be integrated with collaborative robots or automation to group items that eventually require aggregation.


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