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New Corporate Branding

New corporate branding for Ultimate Solutions Corp.

After 12 years in the market, Ultimate Solutions Corp. decided to change its company logo and launch a rebranding. With this change, we will have an elegant and globalized logo.

“We always hear that in times of crisis we have to reinvent ourselves…that’s what we did. We wanted to make a small but important transformation in our brand to continue opening doors in a more globalized market. This new logo and branding seeks to give a new air and remain solid in what we do”, said Yoel Rivera, CEO and President of Ultimate Solutions Corp.

Ultimate Solutions Corp. offers integrated packaging, automation, and serialization services for the Life Sciences Industry. In addition, it has a brand protection division, UPak which makes them the first OEM of serialization machines in Puerto Rico.

Employee survey conducted to select the Ultimate Solutions Corp. logo


It should be noted that the company employees had the opportunity to vote on a survey to select what would be the new logo.

“It was fundamental for us that our people participated in a decision as important as changing the logo that characterized us for the past 11 years,” Rivera insisted.

Zorimar González, Communications and Marketing Executive, explained that the new logo still has the essence of Ultimate Solutions Corp.

“We decided to preserve the style that represents our brand with the ‘U’, for which we have been recognized since our beginnings. Similarly, we maintained the blue, white and gray tones that identify us within the field of science and innovation, added quadrilateral shapes that highlight our expertise in ​​packaging”, said González.

The official launch event of the new brand will be held next August 24 at the Packaging Summit 2017, an event organized by the Institute of Packaging Professionals Puerto Rico Chapter, which will take place at the San Juan Marriott Hotel in Condado.

Ultimate Solutions Corp. is one of the official sponsors of the event and will exhibit with UPak the first serialization and authentication machine in the world.


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