department of Serialization
department of Serialization

New Technology Department at Ultimate Solutions

Formerly the Serialization department, now the Technology department


In order to have a more efficient relationship with our customers, the old department of Serialization now will become the new technology department at Ultimate Solutions Corp.

It will have three technical divisions: Serialization, “Automation” and New Products. Each of these groups will have its own supervisors, who will report to the head of the Department, Carlos Castro.

“Our main goal is to join different levels and resources within the Department. In the end we just want to be a team; focused on the same objectives of the company”, explained Castro.

On the other hand, Yoel Rivera, president of Ultimate, said that this restructuring will help to meet and get ready for the global demand of projects in the area of ​​Serialization by the Live Sciences Industry.

“We want to keep our customers happy and served. In addition, this will allow us to improve our employee performance. We want to spread roles and responsibilities, and help them to specialize in different areas”, said Rivera.

The new Technology Department started its duties on April 24, 2017.


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