U-Read S

Machine Interphase Systech Native HMI for Machine Control
Control CompacLogix
Highlights Portability, Ergonomy and Safety
Systech Unisolve Serialization Ready
Documentation Serialization and Validation Packages Available


Product Description

The U-Read 360 S (Standard) provides a 360° inspection of a Data Matrix code on a round un-oriented bottle. When the bottle to be inspected enters the 360 Hood, the cameras inside the hood capture images while the 360 software searches for the Data Matrix code. Once the Data Matrix code is detected, it reads the code and Sentri sends the results to the Advisor for processing. It reads the 2D code in the bottle label and, and associate it to the cap with an additional camera located out of the 360 hood. This solution is used when round bottles needs to be aggregated to bundles or shippers using a top or bottom aggregation camera in a downstream machine or an additional aggregation module. This unit provides an ultimate solution since is a portable and convenient equipment for the packaging operations that intends to serialize products in more than one packaging line.


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