Wellness Program

Physical health is vital for everyone. Therefore we have developed a physical activity program to combat obesity and associated conditions. It consists of monthly group training to participate in walks or runs during the year.


Goal: 16



Emotional Health

After facing a pandemic and so many stressors worldwide, promoting emotional health is very important to avoid abuse, depression, and suicide. To do this, we integrate monthly emotional health content for our resources and family. In addition, virtual interactions, if required, with psychologists and specialists.

Content Shared

Goal: 12


Ultimate Academy

Seek the development and professional growth of our resources. We have an Academy that encourages resources and clients to increase their knowledge, thus offering opportunities for innovation and new job options. Also, we collaborate with different universities in Puerto Rico and the United States with projects to study medical devices, such as the emergency ventilator.

People Trained


of Women

Promote gender equality. The company proposes that at least 60% of management positions can be held by women.

Woman in Leadership Positions

Goal: 60%


Animal organization

Animals are part of our environment, which is why it is vital for us to also protect them. We have identified an organization to help them economically with the necessary equipment for the care of dogs and cats, and encourage adoption.

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