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Ultimate Solutions celebrated its traditional Christmas Party 2021 for all its employees on December 5. The event, which could not be celebrated last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was held at The Sand and the Sea restaurant in Cayey. There, Ultimate Solutions resources enjoyed a typical Christmas dinner and Ale Croatto music. Finally, the afternoon closed with a “parranda”.
Ultimate Solutions, a company that offers services and serialization machines to the Pharmaceutical Industry had the opportunity to explain the successful process of establishing offices in Spain, as part of its participation in the online seminar: “Opportunities for commercial development between Spain and Puerto Rico”.
Ultimate Solutions and Engiworks, two companies from Caguas dedicated to offering solutions and products to the Pharmaceutical Industry, shared some collaboration strategies as part of the MBE 2 MBE Power Break event. The event was organized by the Council for the Development of Minority Suppliers of Puerto Rico on September 15.

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