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Global Traceability Across the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Tracking

As a Systech VAR (Value Added Reseller) Ultimate Solutions supports manufacturers, contract packager, 3PL’s, dispensaries and regulatory bodies through our certified Product Implementation Specialists. Implementing UniTrace enables end-to-end supply chain tracking from point of manufacture to point of dispensation. You have complete item transfer visibility across your global supply chain. This combined with the ability to connect with master data systems and regulatory databases creates a compliant system of record for your products.

Ultimate Solutions’s implementation of UniTrace is a process that adapts to the specific needs of each client. By integrating UniTrace into existing manufacturing and packaging lines, companies can achieve higher levels of supply chain visibility and transparency. The serialization process, a key component of the UniTrace implementation, ensures that each product is assigned a unique identifier, enabling accurate and reliable tracking throughout its journey.

By centralizing and analyzing this data, UniTrace provides actionable information that enables rapid decision making, proactive problem solving and optimization of supply chain tracking processes. This solution provides companies with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace while maintaining product quality, consumer safety and brand integrity.

Supply Chain Tracking


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