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At Ultimate Solutions we are experts at what we do.

Why? Because we invest in hands-on experience training for our technical resources, to serve our clients with the best qualified professionals.

At Ultimate Solutions, we have four Systech Serialization Training Lines in our global sites: two in Caguas, Puerto Rico, one in Ohio, USA, and one in Madrid, Spain, where the entire process of a serialized packaging line with vision, aggregation, case label inspection, and palletization stations is simulated.

Using Systech software, those labs have been designed to provide our resources with the skills necessary to effectively use Systech line-level products, to maintain Systech line and site-level product, and to perform simple to advanced troubleshooting activities, based on the foundational and on the in-depth technical knowledge provided.

Our training labs in Puerto Rico, USA and Spain are focused on Serialization, Vision & Inspection Systems that integrate the latest technologies, applied to the pharmaceutical sector needs

Production line Simulator in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

The simulator includes:

In-Sight ViDi Lab Station

Designed by Cognex for factory automation, combining artificial intelligence with the power of In-Sight.

Our resources are being trained in this In-Sight ViDi technology, which is a powerful deep learning software platform designed specifically to solve applications that are too difficult, complex, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems. With an easy-to-use interface, In-Sight ViDi eliminates complex programming, making deep learning technology accessible for non-vision experts, and automates inline inspections, previously only possible with human inspectors.

Training labs: Systech Serialization Training Line




Other Vision Systems Lab Stations are being developed to enhance our resources potential in the field to offer our customers the best service experience.

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