Ultimate Solutions and Engiworks share collaboration strategies

Ultimate Solutions and Engiworks, two companies from Caguas dedicated to offering solutions and products to the Pharmaceutical Industry, shared some collaboration strategies as part of the MBE 2 MBE Power Break event.

The event was organized by the Council for the Development of Minority Suppliers of Puerto Rico  on September 15.

Yoel Rivera, president of Ultimate Solutions, and Felix Rivera, president of EngiWorks, spoke about how both have joined their services and products to offer their clients more complete solutions.

Entrepreneurs established that in order to seek expansion opportunities, many times, it is necessary to create alliances with suppliers that help businesses scale to more competitive and global levels.

In addition, they mentioned that for this type of alliance to be successful, there must be trust, transparency, fidelity, integrity, commitment, make documentation and have clear ideas.

“Both (Ultimate Solutions and Engiworks) know the strengths and weaknesses of each business. We have developed a trust and whenever we go as a team to a client, we always go with a lot of transparency. Without hiding anything. We have done very successful projects together,” said Yoel Rivera. “You must be very clear about what this group contributes to what I don’t have. The ideas and needs have to be clear and the risks have to be established”, he added.

Felix Rivera urged local entrepreneurs to join together and collaborate to aspire to acquire more projects.

“You have to learn to have tolerance. That is part of doing something new. I invite people to get together, collaborate and each one knows their degree of responsibility”, he indicates. At the same time, he emphasized strengthening teamwork. “When you collaborate, they must have the skills to work in a team. The protagonist in these alliances is not you, it is the team”, he said.

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Yoel Rivera, president of Ultimate Solutions, and Felix Rivera, president of Engiworks.

Ultimate Solutions is an engineering company that provides Automation, Vision, and Inspection Solutions, Serialization, and Validation services for pharmaceutical companies. The company is also a manufacturer of Print and Inspect Serialization and Aggregation machines to comply with U.S. and European regulations.

Its headquarters are in Caguas and it has offices in Spain and the United States. Its alliances with Systech, Cognex, among others; allow you to offer more complete alternatives to your customers. In addition, it has an academy, certified by the College of Engineers and Surveyors of Puerto Rico, to train young people in the technical area of ​​pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Engiworks is a local company in order to provide engineering products and services that promote innovative ideas to its clients. It has four departments: EngiCad, EngiParts, EngiIdeas, EngiEdu.




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