Ultimate Solutions in Puerto Rico receives ISO 9001 Certification

After a rigorous process, Ultimate Solutions Corp. in Puerto Rico received ISO 9001: 2015 Certification, an internationally recognized standard that ensures that its services meet the needs of clients through an effective quality management system. This step joins the Spain entity, which also has this certification and which was granted in 2020.

For about two years, Ultimate Solutions Corp. was working with the development of a quality management system, review of all documentation and audits to achieve this recognition. This certification process has refined customer service practices, emphasizing the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs. Clear communication channels and feedback mechanisms have been established, allowing for quick responses to customer queries and concerns. This focus on customer-centric service has led to stronger relationships, higher retention rates, and a more favorable position in the market.

Additionally, our resource training programs aligned with ISO 9001 standards have given our employees the skills and knowledge necessary to consistently provide exceptional service. The company’s expectation is greater job satisfaction, better performance and greater opportunities for professional development.

“If we did not establish robust internal processes, growth could have a negative impact on the finances and quality of the service we offer; and that’s not what we want. ISO creates an organizational structure that allows the company to continue growing globally,” said Yoel Rivera, president of Ultimate Solutions Corp. and AutoPak Engineering.

ISO 9001 helps organizations of all sizes and sectors improve their performance, meet customer expectations and demonstrate their commitment to quality. Its requirements define how to establish, implement, maintain and constantly improve a quality management system.


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