puerto rico companies in Spain
puerto rico companies in Spain

Ultimate Solutions receives a visit from members of the Commercial Mission in Spain

Ultimate Solutions in Spain received the visit of the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel Cidre Miranda, and the Secretary of State, Omar Marrero as part of the Commercial Mission organized by the Government of Puerto Rico.

The purpose of the Commercial Mission to Spain is to promote and strengthen the presence of companies from Puerto Rico in the Spanish market. “We want to ensure that local entrepreneurs have the opportunity to explore new business opportunities in the European market, beyond importing and exporting products from both destinations,” Cidre Miranda said in a previous communication.

Ultimate Solutions a Puerto Rican company that offers serialization, automation, validation, and packaging solutions services to the Pharmaceutical Industry has established it’s offices in Spain more than three years ago. It also has an office in the United States and its headquarters in Caguas, PR. Currently, it has more than 180 employees who offer services globally.

“I visited the offices of Ultimate Solutions in Madrid and it is a great Puerto Rican success story, which took advantage of the pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico to develop and bring solutions to the entire world”, said Cidre Miranda after his visit to the facilities located in the Parque Científico in Madrid.

“The visit of the representatives of the Government of Puerto Rico to our Madrid office has served to publicly recognize the effort and professionalism of a mixed work team between Puerto Ricans and Spaniards to establish and consolidate the presence of this company in Spain. We feel honored by this visit”, said Adolfo Rodriguez, director of Business Development for Ultimate Solutions in Spain.


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