Ultimate Solutions carries electric generators and helps Peñuelas

Due to the earthquake on January, 7th of 2020, that left hundreds of families without a house in the South and South-West of Puerto Rico, Ultimate Solutions (U-responsibility) decided to mobilize its team to bring help to our brothers and the most needed ones.

Thanks to our employees’ initiative, we conducted a money fundraising. The money collected has been used to buy first-need products, food, house clothes, clothes, gas ovens, and more.

It should be mentioned that thousands of people live in improvised camps, terrorized by experiencing a new earthquake and not being able to leave their houses in case of an aftershock. The donation of Ultimate Solutions allowed the payment of electric generators with gasoline tanks.

The products have been brought by a group of volunteer to Jaguar neighborhood in Peñuelas. This community, where many old people live, is located in a mountain zone and is very difficult to access. They constantly deal with the loss of electric energy and potable water.




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